The Top 5 Beaches Near Cartagena, Colombia
Dec 21, 2022 By Sean William

The best beaches tend to be outside the city itself, accessible only by boat, taxi, or organized trip to escape the hordes of people who congregate on the beaches of cartagena closer to urban centers. There are beaches for every beachgoer, from those in the adjacent fishing community of Manzanilla del Mar to those on the alluring islands. The Rosario Islands are a group of nearly 20 islands only a short boat trip away. San Bernardo National Park is located in this region, a protected area containing coral reefs, mangroves, and islands with unique characteristics. We've compiled a list of our favorite beaches, both public and private. In the Cartagena area, you can relax and enjoy the white sand, turquoise ocean, and lively boat parties.

Here Are The Five Most Excellent Beaches To Visit Close To Cartagena:

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca, located southwest of the city, is a famous beach destination. This gorgeous white sand beach is located within an hour of Cartagena's historic district, as its name suggests. You may go snorkeling or riding jet skis, explore the mangroves somewhere at the National Aviary of Colombia, or dine at one of the many restaurants along the coast and try some local specialities, such as the freshly caught Pescado Frito. Weekends and afternoons tend to be the busiest times, so plan accordingly. You were staying the night on the peninsula where Isla Bar is situated, a good idea if you want peace.

Playa Las Mantas

Unspoiled beaches with beautiful sand and calm waves encircle the biggest of the Rosario Islands, Isla Grande. In contrast, most beaches are exclusive and may only be accessed by resort guests or those who have purchased a day ticket to a beach club. Playa Las Mantas, the sole publicly accessible beach on the island, is a favorite among residents. This little beach may not seem like much from afar, but it has some of the region's most outstanding diving and snorkeling because of its abundance of marine life and healthy coral reefs. While it may be small compared to other swimming destinations, its pristine, tranquil waters make up for its lack of size. We may rent a canoe or kayak and paddle through the mangrove tunnels and around the lagoons to get a new view of the island. On top of that, if you become tired of the heat, you may hike in the island's many tropical kinds of wood.

Playa de Oro

Playa de Oro, one of the most popular beaches in the Cartagena area, is just forty minutes away by car. People who don't feel like going on a boat trip but still want to escape the crowds at the beach may do so by going here. Playa de Oro, near Manzanillo del Mar, a little fishing community north of the city, provides a genuine taste of local life. You may dine on the day's catch under thatched-roof huts while lounging in a hammock and listening to soothing Caribbean music. There are long lengths of peaceful dark-sand beaches, with fewer people and fewer sellers than you'll find on the beaches of Cartagena, but they are less stunning than the other beaches you'll discover on the islands.

Isla Tintipán

Islas San Bernardo is considered one of the best and least-visited beaches in the Cartagena area. The clean beach has few people, making it seem like your own paradise when sunbathing. Colombians usually frequent the nine coral islands that make up the Archipelago of San Bernardo due to their relatively remote location. Isla Tintipán, a hidden treasure with crystal clear, nearly translucent seas, has the most extensive and excellent beach on the islands. Getting there takes two hours in a speedboat, but we can take you there for the day. You'll go by or stop via Santa Cruz Island, the world's most populous island.

Isla Cholón

The party-oriented Isla Cholón is the place to be if you want to mingle with others while enjoying some coconut-infused drinks. This end of Isla Barù is not the best choice if you need some R&''R. Visitors to Cholón beach moor their boats and yachts there, each hosting their rowdy party—often accompanied by their private DJs. Mangrove forests and palm palms populate this little island. Though there are some sandy beaches, most guests choose to spend their time on that green, waist-deep water around their boats.


Colombia's Cartagena is a vibrant metropolis with historic buildings, lively nightlife, and excellent dining options. There are beautiful beaches and the Rosario Islands in the vicinity. Explore the best of this coastal location's beaches, between Bocagrande, a local hotspot only minutes from the city, through Playa Blanca, a Caribbean paradise a little farther distant.

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